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Physical activity

Physical activity is a big part of my life. I have always been a very active person who loves to move. I remember when I was a kid my dad always had to nag on me to come in at night, when I preferred to play sports, it could be anything from playing basketball, soccer, jumping twist, anything you can think of.

In the US I played D1 baseball in the top university league and at the same time studied to be a physical education teacher, which is the foundation of my current profession.

Sitting on a plane home from Barcelona in 2007, my good friend Björn mentions that in California there are personal trainers who work on the beach. Cool, I thought, and resigned from my job at Eriksdalsbadet to start a company with a focus on outdoor training. 


I decided early on to dedicate myself as a trainer focusing on outdoor activities. 

I thought there was a target group there for personal training that no one had explored before, at least in Sweden. It turned out that I was right, that there were quite a few people who thought the same as me. Who likes outdoor activities and also wanted to exercise that way with a personal trainer.

The goal was to be able to work full-time as a trainer and teach above all strength training outdoors.

It may not always be sunshine and sandy beaches when I work. But I enjoy spending a large part of my working time outdoors. ​

Try outdoor exercise, it's good exercise and also fun! Contact me for more information about training and before purchasing equipment for an outdoor gym.

Baseball career


I have played baseball for over 30 years. Pretty much over the whole world, of which 4 years at university in the US, as well as a season in Australia. With the national team, we have played all over Europe and the USA, as well as Japan.

Fort Scott Community College 1999-2000

University of North Carolina at Wilmington 2001-2002

National team - debuted in the national team in 1996 and played over 200 international matches until 2016. Represented the national team in 8 European Championships, 1 World Cup, 1 Olympic Games / World Cup qualifier. With Sweden, we have met the Olympic champions Cuba and South Korea as well as the world champions Cuba and the Netherlands.

Swedish champion - I hold 7 SM golds, of which 6 are with Stockholm and 1 with Sundbyberg. 

Coach in the national team - Currently I help out as an assistant coach for the national team in softball (since 2020) and was physical trainer for the senior national team in baseball 2016-2020

Education and courses

Most important courses:

  • Lic. Personal Trainer, The Academy, Stockholm

  • Physical Education Teacher, University of North Carolina

  • Lic. Body trainer, Bosön, Lidingö

  • Olympic lifts / Powerlifting, Eleiko, Stockholm

  • Progressive Calisthenics Certification, Gothenburg

  • Diet advisor, Axelssons, Stockholm

More details and smaller courses:

1997 - Natur Kärrtorps Gymnasium with sports profile

1999-00 - Ft. Scott Community College, Kansas, USA

2000-02 -University of North Carolina at Wilmington, USA, physical education teacher

2004 - Nautilus Trainer Training, Sthlm

2005 - Strength Biomechanic Specialist, Jönköping

2006 - CPR & DHLR Instructor, Sthlm

2006 - Lic. Personal Trainer, The Academy, Sthlm

2007 - Physical education training, Bosön

2009 - Kettlebells and TRX, Sthlm

2010 - Sports massage, Bosön

2012 - Diet advisor, Axelssons

2014 - Ruffie, Sthlm

2014 - Sports injuries, SISU, Sthlm

2014 - PCC Progressive Calisthenics Certification, Gothenburg

2015 - Continuing course individually PCC, New York

2017 - Gymnastics training, Eleiko, Netherlands

2018 - Strength training for Baseball, Netherlands

2019 - Programming, Véstein Hafsteinsson, Sthlm

2020 - Menopause certified trainer training - online

2021 - Kinesiology taping 

2022 Weightlifting, Eleiko, Sthlm

2022 Powerlifting, Eleiko, Sthlm

2023 CPR, DHLR course, Sthlm

2024 CPR Sthlm 

Magnus Pilegård. Pilegård Träning AB, porträtt

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