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Personal training in Frisketten 

I work as a personal trainer at one of the biggest financial institutes in Stockholm!
Here, as an employee, you can work out with me and get more quality in your training 


Use your health care allowance

Armhävning Magnus Pilegård

Offer right now!

Train 3 times with a personal trainer for your wellness money. The offer applies to new customers and is valid until 1/6-2024
Frisketten on floor -5

The training is conducted at one of the biggest banks and their corporate gym Frisketten, located on floor -5 in the headquarters, near Kungsträdgården. The gym is only available to employees at the bank.

Before the first training session, we meet in the gym, discuss goals, conditions, potential injuries, the type of training you appreciate, what you need, and what you want to get out of the training. It's always good to meet once before the training starts, so the first training session becomes much better.

Thanks to the strength and lifting section in Friskvårdsföreningen, the gym now holds the highest class. There are all free weights, rings, bars, and machines needed for a good training session. Discover the simplicity of training at work with a personal trainer.

frisketten nordea

Frisketten Nordea
Personal training at the bank 2024

I have over 16 years of experience in the PT industry and have now worked for 10 years at the bank. During the spring 2024, a new agreement has been signed and the bank now wants to invest more in training and health care for the employees. Therefor I will focus more on working at this gym from here on out.

I offer you high quality in training and health. Regular exercise is so important for us to feel good, function at work and in our free time. I help you with individualized training according to your conditions and goals, guide you in the gym and coach you with technique and a training plan.

Try personal training at Frisketten!

I have plenty of references if you want to hear from someone at the bank about what it's like to train with me.

Get in touch for more information about what I offer in the gym, or contact the strength and lifting section of the Friskvårdsföreningen. There is also more info on the intranät.


 See you in Frisketten!

Workshops i Frisketten våren 2024

Tisdag 16/4 15-16 Genomgång av maskiner, för nybörjare, 15platser

Torsdag 18/4 15.15-16.15 Fria vikter, för nybörjare/medel, 15platser

Torsdag 25/4 15.15-16.15 Kroppsviktsträning, nybörjare-avancerade, 20 platser

Bokning via friskvårdsföreningens hemsida på intranätet

Magnus Pilegård. Pilegård Träning AB, porträtt

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