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Training program

Individually customized training programs

I have 15 years of experience in developing individual training programs and also training plans that extend over a longer period of time. The training is adapted to your goals, your current situation and how much time you can spend on training. Of course, injury history etc. is also taken into account. 


But the perfect training program doesn't exist, it's best when we have a continuous dialogue - you tell me how it's going, how you feel and what challenges you have. Together we achieve regularity in physical activity and reach your goals.

Magnus Pilegård

Training program 

Training program online

For best results, a training program should extend for about 6-8 weeks and then change. It doesn't have to mean revising everything and making a new one. Instead, maybe increase the number/weight, change the intensity and change some exercises so it feels new and interesting.


With small changes, you will move on and can make the necessary adjustments so that you can continue to have fun and have gains. The goal is that it feels like you have a PT next to you who sees and adapts the training to you and your needs.

That's why I do a little more work on the first program Then we tune in after 6v and you get a follow-up in the form of a new program.


Live online training

Train with me digitally

All types of training sessions with me can be combined with digital training or be exclusively live digital.

You will get a teams link or train via Zoom, etc. or via FaceTime. 

We practice live but simply in different places. We start from your goals and experiences, and adapt to the tools you may have at home. I demonstrate exercises and encourage you as well as give tips and advice.

The training includes warm-up and stretch 55 min.


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Magnus Pilegård
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